Ciclos y Festivales

Ciclos y Festivales

Ciclos y festivales

  • From 06 January 2019
    to 24 February 2019
    Location: Cinema - Screen 1

    Focus: Darcy Lange

    Both the exhibition, and the films and short films that make up this focus, imagine a space-time map to reflect on the conventions established between the body-work pair and the socio-economic contexts in which it is circumscribed.

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  • From 02 February 2019
    to 03 March 2019
    Location: Cinema - Screen 1
    Hilabete laburrena

    Focus: Shortest month

    For years, February is on our screen the month of the short, the month in which we celebrate this diversity of formats paying special attention to the short films.

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  • From 01 December 2018
    to 10 March 2019
    Location: Exhibition Hall 2
    Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange

    Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange

    Curiosity for the work of Darcy Lange (Aotearoa/New Zealand,1946-2005), a video art pioneer and flamenco guitarist, has led the artists of Tractora Koop. E. to present the exhibition Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange

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  • From 19 January 2019
    to 22 March 2019
    Location: Cinema - Screen 1
    A fabrica de nada, Pedro Pinho

    Focus: Terratreme

    10 years

    If something distinguishes the films by Terratreme is its clear vocation of risk and without borders. The result is notorious, Terratreme has one of the strongest presences in major cinema festivals in the world.

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  • From 05 April 2019
    to 26 May 2019
    Location: Space 1

    Esther Ferrer. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23...

    Exhibition dedicated to Basque artist Esther Ferrer (San Sebastian, 1937).

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  • From 07 October 2018
    to 08 June 2019
    Location: Cinema - Screen 1
    Oktyabr (Octubre), Sergei M. Eisenstein

    Focus: Histories of Cinema. Santos Zunzunegui

    These sessions are part of EQZE's academic syllabus; therefore, all screenings will be accompanied by a prior presentation/lecture.

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  • From 07 November 2018
    to 26 June 2019
    Location: Cinema - Screen 1
    Agnès Varda a los Angeles. Copyright: Cine Tamaris

    Focus: Agnès Varda


    The Nosferatu Programme dedicates its new season to the French filmmaker Agnès Varda, who has been working since 1954 and who, last year, premiered  Visages, villages (Faces Places, 2017) at the Cannes Film Festival, and who received the Donostia Award for her career as well as an honorary Oscar.

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  • From 20 December 2018
    to 28 June 2019
    Location: Z Hall
    Philip Guston. Head. 1977 | MoMA | © The Estate of Philip Guston

    To pay attention: the battle to enter our heads

     This year-long seminar aims to approach the problem of attention from different angles: childhood, motherhood, gender, philosophy, psychology, science, pedagogy, art and politics. 


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  • From 18 January 2019
    to 31 December 2019
    Location: Zinema - 1 Aretoa

    Focus: Eskolatik

    Eskolatik is a double window: a look at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola and a programme that emerges from Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

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