Dia calendario

  • 10:00

    Space 0-6

    The 0-6 Space is the result of a participative design and construction process. It is a space for children aged 0-6 and their families to be together, play and carry out a variety of activities. It is a mobile space that can be activated in different locations in Tabakalera.

    Saturday, 1 April 2017 > Sunday, 30 June 2019 / 10:00 Location: Hirikilabs. Digital Culture & Technology Laboratory
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • 16:00


    Workshop aimed at all families who want to share with children, over 5 years, the experience of making glycerin soaps with vegetable base and natural products, and in turn a different sharing.

    Location: Impact Hub Donostia
    Organiser: Impact Hub Donostia
  • 18:00
    Guided tours

    Visits in Action

    With Esther Ferrer's new exhibition, Esther Ferrer. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23..., the visits have been transformed into Visits in Action.  


    Wednesday, 10 April 2019 > Wednesday, 22 May 2019 / 18:00 Location: Exhibition Hall
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • 19:00
    Conferences and seminars

    It would be nice to always live in that tension

    Miriam Martín & Luis Macías

    In relation to the issue of attention, which I understand as the issue around which the seminar has been constructed, I will try to SHOW why cinema is a special place for such attention, for those who create cinema and for its viewers.

    Wednesday, 24 April 2019 / 19:00 Location: Z Hall
    Organiser: Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola
  • 20:00

    Salut les cubains (1963) + Ulysse (1982) + Ydessa, les ours et etc... (2004)

    Location: Cine
    Organiser: Donostia Kultura + Euskadiko Filmategia - Filmoteca Vasca