Ubik-baita | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


  • Year: 2016 > 2018

Ubik is a library specialised in contemporary art and thought and is developed within the cultural project of Tabakalera. It has a public purpose in the broadest meaning of the term; that is, Ubik is a library for everyone.

The Tabakalera creation library opened its doors in March 2016, but by then it had travelled a path that it used as a foundation for the activities and sub-projects that would help make a reality the integration of the highest number possible of groups of people in the library, in particular those that find it most difficult to make the library part of their “day-to-day” activities.

Ubik-baita is the cross-cutting project that covers all aspects and specific programmes that on a day-to-day basis help make Ubik an inclusive library, a library by and for all citizens.

Since it opened, Ubik has set up three activities in collaboration with different entities, working on inclusion:

  • Zorroaga Foundation: bringing the library closer to older people who cannot leave their residence.

  • Aita Menni: including the library as part of activities to improve skills with people receiving care at the brain damage Service.

  • Cáritas Gipuzkoa: offering the library to homeless people so that they can discover it and recognise it as a space that also belongs to them. The participants decided to create the blog nubedeideas.eu, where they talk about life on the streets in their own words.