Ud-ha 2018 - Los Torreznos: La cultura - Los Torreznos | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Los Torreznos: La cultura

La Cultura - Los Torreznos

It is an action piece, which plays on the idea of what could be a conference about culture, and which is falling apart from different points of view. It is a work on the borderline between action art and experimental theatre.
Few and very simple words are used.

1. Nobody is uncultured: A broad definition of culture is of little use except to differentiate what the human being does from what other living beings do. The human being says that the human being is the most intelligent being of those which the human being knows. And that intelligence produces, stores and distributes culture on this planet called Earth.
2. If they cut off your head, there is no culture: From a restricted definition, culture is something fine, elevated, that allows a certain type of transcendence and existential enjoyment. In this sense, not all human beings are cultured. This capacity for discrimination places us in the dubious territory where tradition, power, education, etc. are all mixed together. Some Western human beings evaluate, produce and distribute this type of culture. 
3. Culture is a pastime of death: Los Torreznos, being Western human beings, have been interested in culture since we were children. We do not cut ourselves off from it even to sleep; we participate in the show, we love the other species of living beings, we relate to truly uncultured beings, and that is why we do this work.

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Los Torreznos

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