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UD-HA! Terrazan

Open Call

UD-HA tabakalera San Sebastian summer 2016
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UD-HA! is a cry from the summer, a call to take to the skies and an appeal to fun. It’s a popular call for projects related to gaming, music, creation and participation all in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere under the summer sky.

UD-HA! is a call to take to the terraces, courtyards and roofs, guitar in hand; to get out your lanterns, candles and deck chairs and spend some time sharing what you know or like doing.

UD-HA!  is also a way of bringing popular creation to Tabakalera - the International Centre for Contemporary Culture. By way of this call, Tabakalera is offering everyone a chance to programme their activities on the Tabakalera Terrace. Anyone can reserve a time and space to offer their performance to the audience.

This is an open proposal, linked to citizen creation, which is being held in parallel with an existing cultural programme for the same space: UD-HA!


Who can participate?

Any creative individual or group that wants to share what they are doing or experiment with new formats.


What formats are eligible?

audiovisual experiments, micropoetry, experimental sounds, coplas, Flamenco, fados, open mike nights, air guitar, folklores remixes, anti-karaokes, thematic or collaborative playlists, trikitwerk, amateur DJs, home singers who want to come out of the shower, improv, happenings, unsuspected mixes, "cockfights" and "henfights", etc.


How do I get involved?

The call for submissions opens in June and will be used to set the next three months’ schedule on the Terrace at Tabakalera for Saturday nights from 8 pm on.

Please fill in the form (click here to download it in pdf format) and send it to the following email address, with the subject header "UD-HA! Terrazan": udaterrazan@tabakalera.eu


What are we offering?

Tabakalera can provide the following facilities for your project:

  • The venue for the activity.

  • Technical staff.

  • Possibility of using various items of furniture: tables, chairs.

  • Publicity for the activity in the media commonly used by Tabakalera. Website, print platforms, social media, etc.

  • Technical equipment:

    • P.A:

      • 2 x Yamaha 10” self-amplified speakers,

      • 14-channel Mackie desk,

      • 2 x Yamaha Dsx 10” monitors

    • Microphones

      • 3 x Shure Sm58

      • 2 x D.i Bss

    • Audio-visual

      • Barco 7.5K projector


When can the activities be scheduled?

Every Saturday evening, 8 pm – 11 pm, from 2 July to 11 September.


What's the deadline for submitting proposals?

The call will remain open from June until the end of August.


  • For projects to be staged in July, the deadline is: 29 June

  • For projects to be staged in August, the deadline is: 15 July

  • For projects to be staged in September, the deadline is: 15 August


When will successful projects be notified?

The decision will be taken one week after the deadline for submitting proposals and the results will be notified directly to the people responsible for the projects submitted.


  • Performances
    27-08-2016 - 21:30

    The project involves the construction of a sound space that plays a harmonious part in an audiovisual piece made from "notes" or "film notes" on the idea of human representation.

    Location: - Attic

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  • Concerts
    20-08-2016 - 20:30

    Ambient and electronic music. Audiovisual systems and a modular synthesiser will try to generate certain sensations in people that they have never experienced before.



    Location: - Z Hall

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  • Concerts
    13-08-2016 - 21:00

    We are a Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche group created on the borders between the Northern and Southern Basque Country.

    Location: - Attic

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  • Concerts
    30-07-2016 - 20:00-23:00

    The Jazz is danced too, come to discover it with Donosti Lindy Hop & Dj Mr. Patxi "Crazy Legs" and a selection of the best classic jazz and swing to dance, in a social dance opened for everyone who wants to take part.

    Location: - Attic

    + Info

  • Concerts
    23-07-2016 - 21:00

    A fine track -list, yummy, danceable, suitable for such a nice place as the Square of Tabakalera

    Location: - Square

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  • Concerts
    02-07-2016 - 21:30

    Magic is not supernatural, it lies in the possibility for poetic potential of human acts.

    Location: - Azotea

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