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Vers La Tendresse + De l'autre côté

Dialogues with the exhibiton by Natasha Marie Llorens

De l'autre côté, Chantal Akerman


Vers La Tendresse, Alice Diop, Frantzia, 2016, 39', DCP, OV FR, Sub. ES
During a workshop on the theme of love, Alice Diop met four young men all from the Seine-Saint-Denis district. She recorded their conversations and then found herself wanting to make a movie from those voices. Towards tenderness is an intimate exploration of a masculine territory in a French suburb. Following the coming and goings of these men, we sink into a universe where female bodies are nothing more than ghostly and virtual silhouettes.

De l'autre côté, Chantal Akerman, Frantzia, 2002, 103', Betacam, OV FR , Sub. ES
The other side is the United States for the mexican people that dream of leaving the poverty and obtaining money for their family. The other side is the image of a better life that pushes them to cross although the risks: the desert, vipers, the immigration services and the American citizens that don’t doubt of shooting if somebody tresspases their property. The other side are the words that many Mexicans use where they tell the kidnap of their son, the death of a brother, the disappearance of a wife. Chantal Akerman portrays the border between Mexico and the United States and marks a journey from some testimonies by Mexican people to American security services’ negative images where those people are not more than a spot. A film that dialogues with another two previous ones, D’Est (1993) and Sud (1999), portrays of spaces crossed by the wind the by the waiting.

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