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Viennale 4 + Original Soundtrack: Austrian Filmarchiv.

Inou Ki Endo will perform live music for Die Gekreuzigt Werden + Opfer Des Hasses

Die Gekreuzigt Werden (El judío desamparado)

Die Gekreuzigt Werden (El judío desamparado)



Inou Ki Endo (Austria) will perform live the original soundtrack she composed for two films from Austrian Filmarchiv.

Die Gekreuzigt Werden, Georg Kundert, Austria, 1919, 28’
This film was presumed lost for a long time. The present fragment is based on a screening copy that was in a serious state of decomposition. It was discovered by Filmarchiv Austria and extensively restored. The film tells the story of a tormented man, exposed to ridicule and racism. As a child, Ariel becomes estranged from his deeply religious family because of his lack of interest in the Talmud. Despite his later professional success and his social commitment to factory workers, this rupture casts dark shadows over his journey through life.

Opfer Des Hasses. Die Tragödie Eines Russischen Fabrikanten, Hans Marschall, Austria, 1923, 47’
A semidocumentary propaganda film about the fate of Jews in Eastern Europe. It was commissioned by the Jüdisches Hilfswerk (“Jewish relief organization”) in Vienna and primarily shown at charity events outside Austria. These are two significant works about exclusion and persecution. (Florian Widegger)


Inou Ki Endo's preference lies in infernal and cerebral sounds, obscure dilettantes and professional borderliners beyond the mainstream. Shilla Strelka hosts concerts in Vienna under the name Struma+Iodine, curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival and the current editor-in-chief of mica - music austria. In her dj-soundtracks Inou Ki Endo, she is looking for for communal timbres of high and counter culture; for rhythms that walk through various musical languages. More than a linear movement, she intends to build an acoustic space that could be entered via associative forces.



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