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Birgit Hein: 5 works

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With more than fifty years of career as a director, the five works of The Wall represent the different creative periods in Birgit Hein's work, essencial filmmaker of the experimental cinema: varations in the movement and duration of the film, works dedicated to Kali, destroyer god of Hinduism, optical illusion, found footage from the internet, etc.

"When we switched from painting to filmmaking in the mid –sixties we wanted to discover film as a potential visual arts medium according to the ideas of modernism, that one most derive the rules of an art form from the characteristics of its material. We wanted to define the fundamental elements of film along these lines in order to find our way from the depiction of reality to the reality of depiction.

In the beginning it was our concern to analyze and examine the process of reproduction including the film material itself as well as optical, chemical and perceptual processes. Only through the fundamental detachment from the context of traditional narrative cinema can film become available as a visual art medium.

The program at The Wall combines very different examples of our approach to the medium in more than 40 years, including found-footage and documentary works.”

Birgit Hein


Work in Progress

Wilhelm + Birgit Hein, , , 1969 26', Hitzik gabe, 16mm

Film made in the structural period of W+B Hein, where the artists create variations in the movement and duration of the cinematic material.

Frauen Film –Kali Filme film extracts-

Wilhelm + Birgit Hein, , , 1986-88 11’, Sound film, 16mm

One out of the eight short films that compose Kali Filme, a feature film dedicated to Kali, the destructive god of the Hinduism. In this case, the extract is composed by class B films dedicated to women fights, offensive aspect in the 70's and 80's Feminism and very uncommon in the mainstream cinema until little ago.

Shanghai Light Impressions

Birgit Hein, , , 2007 15’, Sound film, Digital video

Luminic impressions in one trip of Birgit Hein to Shanghai, where the lights of the Asiatic city bring us back to the optic games of the first films by Hein.

Todes Film –Kali Filme film extracts-

Wilhelm + Birgit Hein, , , 1986-88 4’, Sound film, 16mm

Another of the 8 short films that compose Kali Filme. In this case, the found footage is composed by war images. Hein, born in the middle of the World War II, is currently working on a film dedicated to the Great War and its memory.

Abstrakter Film

Birgit Hein, , , 2013 9', Sound Film, Digital Video

Work edited with hundreds of videos about the Libya War in 2011. Hein downloaded those videos from the Internet and chose different situations where the image touches the abstraction, keeping the direct sound of all the fragments. The result wants to be a reflection about violence and the need to film and show it, even in dangerous moments where image can barely document what is happening.