- WaQuI: The Water Quality Initiative - Natalia Méndez Merino | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

WaQuI: The Water Quality Initiative

Gaimec Waqui - Thea Water Quality Initiative

WaQuI: The Water Quality Initiative is a workshop in which we will look into issues related with coastal and continental water quality within the region of Donostialdea.

After the Mud Sampling Workshops held at Hirikilabs during the months of May, June and September of 2018, in this new workshop, which will run every Wednesday from October 10th to the 31st and including one last workshop on the 6th of November, we will focus on water quality.

What will we do and what will we learn in the workshop?

  • Sampling of sea water and river water in various parts of the city (wear comfortable, waterproof clothing).
  • We will analyse the samples obtained to determine the biological and physicochemical parameters that may affect their quality, seeking to understand the information that said parameters provide us in terms of the water's state.
  • Likewise, we will learn how to interpret the results and draw conclusions.
  • We will document the whole process.
  • During Science Week 2018, we'll present the results at the Hirikilabs Citizen Science Corner.

WaQuI is a project that got its start through the Group for Citizen Participation in Environmental Research (GAIMEC),which operates at Tabakalera in cooperation with the IMVEC Collective (Institute for the Monitoring and Surveillance of Polluted Spaces).


Natalia Méndez Merino

Scientist and researcher