Winter corners | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Winter corners

Winter corners

What do you want to do during the winter holidays, silkscreen print a t-shirt? Make a robot? Play with sounds? Build scale models? We will fill the two-week Christmas holidays with many activities. You decide what you want to do; but whatever you do, do it in Ubik!

Here are the corners (workshops in short format) that we've prepared:


Listen, we're going to play with sound

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, can you feel them? Would you be able to distinguish them? Does each sound make you feel something different? And silence? In this corner we will pay attention to sounds. Come and listen!


-Tuesday 26 December, 17:00.

-Thursday 4 January, 18:00.


Plantxfer. Customise t-shirts with textile vinyl

In this corner we will design t-shirts. After transferring the drawings from the digital medium to the physical medium, and using textile vinyl, we will turn the drawing into a t-shirt.


-Tuesday 26 December, 18:00.

-Thursday 4 January, 17:00.

Note: each participant must bring a t-shirt from home without a drawing or image


Paint, cut and stick. We’re going to make scale models!

If you feel like having a peaceful time sitting around a table with paper and scissors in your hands, this is the activity for you. You’ll be able to build a variety of objects: buildings, vehicles, elements from nature, people... You can paint them too, if you wish.

Choose your scale model, paint, cut and stick!


-Wednesday 27 December, 17:00.

-Friday 5 January, 18:00.


PlayMais, sculptures made with maize

Let's make small three-dimensional constructions with coloured maize! Choose the shape you want to create, wet the parts and join them. Done!


-Wednesday 27 December, 18:00.

-Friday 5 January, 17:00.


Oh , Hama!

Do you know what Hama is? We’ll build the figurine of our choice using Hama beads - small pieces of plastic for creating images pixel by pixel.

Come along and pixelate your favourite character!


-Thursday 28 December, 17:00.

-Wednesday 3 January, 18:00.



Do you want to create prints using fruit and vegetables?

Create a simple shape, dip it in the paint and place it on the fabric or paper again and again. You will create very special printed surfaces. This workshop is suitable for children, youths and adults alike. Come to discover stamping!


-Thursday 28 December, 18:00.

-Wednesday 3 January, 17:00.



In this workshop we will open up computers and electronic devices, remove the parts, and by putting the components together again, we will make recycled gadgets: decorations, small-scale models, figurines… Come and mess around with the insides of computers


-Friday 29 December, 17:00.

-Tuesday 2 January, 18:00.



The ilustramatón is a special photo booth. Instead of taking photos, it draws pictures! Sit down and wait for your portrait or have a go at drawing your friends.


-Friday 29 December, 18:00.

-Tuesday 2 January, 17:00.