- Layers, surfaces, chroma and you - Jorge Núñez de la Visitación | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Layers, surfaces, chroma and you

Make your own video through chroma

Workshop chroma

We’ll create videos which look at the chromakey technique: the added element of a computer-generated background. We’ll rethink its role in audiovisual art and turn this special video effect around to create other, more experimental narratives. Do special effects have to be believable? Error is just one of the tools at our disposal during the workshop. Whether an image inserted in the background or a shape which doesn’t fit with the landscape, these situations can be used to try out other ways of storytelling.


Programme summary

October 12th:
- Presentations and planning
- Form work groups
- Create draft of exercise, define levels and assign tasks

October 13th:
- Carry out the exercise

October 14th:
 - Finishing touches
 - Share project


Jorge Núñez de la Visitación

Director de cine y profesor