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Workshops linked to the exhibitions: Hot Iron. Marginalia

Aimed at primary and secondary schools, high school diploma students, universities and associations.

talleres en las expos_hot iron

These workshops give an inkling into the Tabakalera exhibitions. They are dynamic sessions in which we shall strive for participation and group dialogue. Work sessions shall revolve around practical work with the content of exhibitions.   

Adrià Julia’s exhibition, Hot Iron. Marginalia, shall give us the opportunity to probe, for instance, the economic relations inherent to cultural importations and exportations, the redefinition of local culture through the imposition of tourism and sport. Market, memory, cultural territory and popular imaginary are part of such research, linked to different events that are apparently in no way connected. 

To arrange an appointment for your group, call +34 943 118 855 or send us an email to

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