Cartes Blanches (CB) - Zinetika Official Selection - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Zinetika Official Selection

Presented by Laida Aldaz

Passage, Michael Slobodian

Section that shows a series of films in competition, chosen from the international call that Zinetika launches annually. The festival this year has received more than 130 applications from 29 international countries.


Daphna Mero, USA, , 2015 13'31''

A hybrid experimental piece, which integrates dance and choreography, where immigration is portrayed as a dehumanizing process executed by an indifferent bureaucratic machine.


Michael Slobodian, Canada, , 2016 3'

Passage is an experimental film. A journey through a passage, time.



Philippe Saire, Switzerland, , 2016 5'17''

Vacuum generates impossible images and fantastic paintings, an interplay of bodies appearing and disappearing between black holes and dazzling lights.


Carte Blanche

Augenblick, Italy, , 2017 6'

A wandering poet. A wood of leaves and fleeting glimpses. What time is this? Just like a recurring echo, imagination is movement, movement becomes dance.


Ceci n'est pas Magritte

Ivan Skorik, Russia, , 2016 5'54''

A story inspired by paintings of René Magritte.

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