Tabakalera - International Centre for Contemporary Culture (Donostia / San Sebastián)

Summer cultural events


Summer breeze. There will be camping chairs, umbrellas, and also hammocks and beach wraps this year, because in addition to using the terrace we are also spreading out into the park. The activities during the day are based in Cristina Enea Park. After the sun has risen, we will open the outdoor version of Ubik, the creation library, surrounded by a sea of vegetation. When the sun begins to set, we will be waiting for you on the Tabakalera terrace, handing over to the performing arts, cinema and outdoor music.


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Harrotu Ileak. Sharing Processes

On July 20, at 7pm Tabakalera will open the exhibition Harrotu ileak. Sharing processes. After a brief presentation of the exhibit, some musicians that have been linked to Harrotu ileak project, will perform a live music show: "Mursego", Javi P3z, Telmo Trenor and Juantxo "Glaukoma"

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Smoke archivers

On Friday 6 July at 7:00 pm, the exhibition Smoke Achivers was inaugurated in the Storage. It is an exhibition that brings together material related to Tabakalera’s past and present. This exhibition is the result of a process carried out with a group of cigarette makers who worked in the old factory.

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Cinema Billboard

Cinema billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián



This is a new video in the series of little big stories that may happen any day at Ubik-Creation Library



Cinema without prejudice. Fluoride cinema


  There is an unclassifiable category of cinema for which you have to invent new definitions. Fluoride cinema is a state of mind and spirit: cinema that mixes genres and plays with humour and the idea of metacinema, with films that are very aware both of...

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Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola will open its doors to its first intake of students on September 19


The 45 places on offer for the 2018-2019 academic year were filled after a selection process involving 113 candidates from around the world.  

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Bi-monthly programme at Tabakalera San Sebastian  - July and August 2018

Programme July-August 2018

Bi-monthly programme at Tabakalera San Sebastian - July and August 2018

Cinema Billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián - July/August 2018

Cinema billboard

Cinema Billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián - July/August 2018

Calendar of events July 2018 - Tabakalera San Sebastián

Calendar of events

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