- Post-photographic constructions of expression - Joan Fontcuberta | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Post-photographic constructions of expression

Lecture by Joan Fontcuberta


Digital photography, selfies, social media, facial recognition programs, etc. make up a panorama that allows the adoption of identities on demand, configured according to a strategic sense of “make-yourself-seen”. It is then possible to analyse the implementation of these protein masks from a sociological and political perspective, based on the references provided by artistic projects such as “Cibercracia” by Ignasi Prat or “Prosopagnosia” co-authored by Pilar Rosado and me.


Joan Fontcuberta


*The lecture will be delivered in Spanish and translated to Basque.

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Joan Fontcuberta

Artista y ensayista