- The circuits of shame - Amparo Lasén, Antonio A. García | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

The circuits of shame

Talk by Amparo Lasén & Antonio A. García


We present our research on shame, a familiar feeling which is part of everyday experiences and relationships, as well as its close relationship with the processes of social order and exclusion. The way in which the norms of what is appropriate and inappropriate are established, maintained and questioned defines what is likely to embarrass us, as well as the ways of shaming or reproving the things – and the people – that we do not consider appropriate. We will illustrate this talk with examples from two windows of our research, where gender and gender relations play a crucial role: the shame and embarrassment associated with the personal digital images we share on the Internet; and the shame in the experiences and relationships of men in long-term unemployment.

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Amparo Lasén

Sociologist (Sociología Ordinaria)

Antonio A. García

Sociologist (Sociología Ordinaria)